Cable Management Sleeves Neoprene (200cm)

Cable Management Sleeves Neoprene (200cm)

  • Ideal solution: YOSH cable tidy sleeve enables you to organize and protect cables at home or in office, creating a more organized space for you.

  • Do it yourself: YOSH cable tidy sleeve allows you to scissor it into pieces in different length, cut holes on it, bend it, fold it, etc.

  • Durable flexible material: Neoprene allows you to bundle multiple cables and protect your cables from water, dust and pet chewing, creating a safer living environment.

  • Best value: YOSH management sleeves with 80 inches in length and 4.25 inches in width (⌀ 1.35 inches), equipped with reusable strap for using them individually or combine two or more together to expand into a wider tidy sleeve.

  • Lifetime Warranty: We at YOSH believe in all YOSH products and provide Lifetime Warranty on them. YOSH is always willing to help regarding any issues with YOSH products.

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