YOSH Tutorial – How to apply screen protector ?

Before you start applying the screen protector, it is recommended that you take a few minutes examine contents inside the package. The package should include the following:

YOSH Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector x2

Dry Cloth x1

Alcohol Swab x1

Dust Cleaning Film x1

Should you find any issue regarding the product, please contact our customer support immediately by sending E-mail to support@yoshforyouth.com. Our customer representative will respond as soon as possible.

STEP 1: Clean up your phone screen

Turn off your screen and make sure you have a full view on the screen. Use Alcohol swab(wet) to clean you screen first, then use Dry cloth to dry out.

STEP 2 :Tear off remaining dust

Although you have cleaned your screen in step one, there might be some tiny dust left which cannot be seen straightforward, it is still necessary to perform this step using dust cleaning film provided to ensure that your phone screen is in perfect condition and is ready to apply.

STEP 3: Peel off the film

For every screen protector there is a film stick to it marked as number “1”. You need to peel it off before apply the screen protector to your phone. Beware once it is peeled off, the screen protector is exposed and extremely vulnerable, extra caution needed before apply.

STEP 4: Apply the screen protector

Hold the edge of screen protector and position it at your phone screen, making sure that holes and edges match precisely. It is recommended that you apply the screen protector from one side and slowly cover the full screen. You may have to re-position the protector in the process to make sure exact match.

STEP 5: Make sure the screen protector stick firmly to phone screen

Gently press the center of protector first, then press slightly harder around the edge to make sure that it stick firmly on the screen.

STEP 6: Remove air bubbles

YOSH Tempered Glass Screen Protector is made from premium quality material and should not leave air bubbles. In case it does, use cleaning cloth to push air bubbles to the edge to remove.

Then you are good to go, we hope you have wonderful experience with YOSH.