Q&A: YOSH Tempered Glass Screen Protector


Q: Do I need screen protection on iPhone ?

A: Yes you do. An iPhone is a substantial investment. It is your everyday companion that you rely on, however it is not incredibly durable. One slip and the screen can crack. A few minutes in your pocket with your keys, and it can have scratches. However, even if you manage to avoid these kinds of woes, you’ll still have to deal with the continual parade of fingerprints and the greasy smudge from resting the phone against your cheek during calls. One simple screen protector can solve all these problems and help you keep your iPhone in better conditions; the YOSH Tempered Glass screen protector is best in helping you keep your phone in perfect physical condition.

Q: Can this protector actually protect iPhone screen?

A: Yes, YOSH Tempered Glass screen protector is made from high durability material. It will protect iPhone from scratch, impact force and fingerprint. Additionally, the self-healing material enables the protector recover from small scratches.

Q: Does the screen protector support 3D Touch?

A: Yes, the screen protector is incredibly thin; it is only 0.26mm, it feels fantastic. It is even smoother than the original screen, it is highly responsive and it absolutely supports 3D touch.

Q: How strong is the protector?

A: According to series of experiments carried by YOSH, the protector can withstand impact of steel ball (64g industrial standard) falling from 65.5cm, while other protector can withstand impact from 30cm.

Q: Is the protector fingerprints resistance?

A: Yes, the material is coated with an oleophobic layer that repels oil. This means that even though smudges from your fingertips and face will still show up, they’re easily repelled.

Q: What kind of warranty do I have?

A: YOSH values every customer and promise to give every customer a lifetime warranty, which means if you are unsatisfied with the protector you can contact customer support for a replacement anytime, anywhere.