Spend Children’s day with your Children


 – 1st June, International Children’s Day.

Your children deserve colorful childhood – 1st June, International Children’s Day.

While you are busying with your work and business, we kindly ask you to slow down and take a moment to think, how much time did you spend with your children? Are they happy with or without your companion?

When they grow up, will you be in their childhood memories?

That is why we encourage you to take your children to beach in this hot summer!

Swim with them, make a sand castle with them, play beach volleyball with them and have fun with them!

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Professional IPX8 waterproof level allows you to record every happy moment of their childhood without worrying about damaging your phone.

We hope our product can help that little bit, while you are having fun with your children, especially in Children’s day.

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Happy Children’s Day!